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2017/18 Residents' Handbook

Everything you need to know about living at Cassellholme.

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We will ensure that Cassellholme’s secure resident environment is easily accessible to residents, families, caregivers and the community. That means more than physically-accessible spaces – it means keeping costs low, respecting language and cultural differences and much more.



Everyone in our diverse community is welcome at Cassellholme and will be served with dignity and respect. This includes, but isn’t limited to, people of all economic situations, ages, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity, religion and health status.



When older Ontarians are thinking about quality in a care home, they want choices in support services, transportation and connections to the community. Cassellholme is already acknowledged as one of the best homes in the province and we intend to build on that reputation with expanded choices.


Everyone who works at Cassellholme is providing quality care. Whether it’s tasty and nutritious meals, friendly staff, comfortable chairs, skilled healthcare providers, or good entertainment, we judge our success on our residents’ feedback. For the past few years our survey results indicate satisfaction levels over 98%.



Excellent care and innovation are top priorities at Cassellholme. We are the first not-for-profit care facility in Ontario to promote entrepreneurial thinking and private sector investment.

We consistently look for ways to add value by improving practices and sharing our expertise. We’re proud of our high satisfaction ratings and the many clinical outcomes that exceed provincial averages. We’ve managed all of this while reducing costs and creating new revenue opportunities.

We are system innovators.

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