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The Quality Council is an operations committee established to ensure adherence to all legislative acts, to the various requirements as identified through the MOHLTC, the NE LHIN and the various governing bodies including HQO and Residents First.

The Quality Council will achieve this through the ongoing development and monitoring of high Quality Improvement standards and quality annual plans.

Through its cross-disciplinary membership, Cassellholme’s Quality Council serves as a resource to all staff, residents and their families, volunteers, service providers, students and the Board of Management in matters that pertain to Quality Improvement.

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care – Inspection Report


Cassellholme is an accredited facility under Accreditation Canada. Accreditation provides recognition that Cassellholme is meeting national standards of quality.

Through Accreditation standards and programs, Accreditation Specialists and Surveyors work with Cassellholme to help improve quality, safety and efficiency so that Cassellholme can offer the best possible care and service.

Accreditation Canada provides on-site surveys as an opportunity for surveyors to look for evidence through observation, interviews, and by reading and reviewing documents that support and demonstrate compliance with the national standards. During an on-site survey, surveyors will meet with staff, residents, families, Board members and community partners, as well as tour all service areas.

Accreditation is one of the best and most effective measures that Cassellholme can use to accurately assess the level of performance against a national set of standards set by Accreditation Canada in collaboration with the health care service industry.

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