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2017/18 Residents' Handbook

Everything you need to know about living at Cassellholme.

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Send-A- Card



1. Choose a category and click CREATE A CARD NOW

2. Fill in the form [To, From, Unit, Room#]

3. Choose a picture and border colour

4. Write a short message for under the picture and another for the right side

5. Add an emoji

6. Click PREVIEW to see your card or CHANGE CATEGORY to choose a different theme altogether

You have two options from there:

7a. Click MAKE CHANGES to go back to the form 

7b. Click SEND CARD –it’ll be emailed, printed, folded and delivered

We welcome any feedback during the beta testing, email us.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS FEATURE IS IN BETA TESTING. We will be continuing to add images, options and to refine the technology.


Things ToLook Forward To...

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