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Residents' Handbook

If you can't find the info you need on the website, email questions@cassellholme.ca 

The General Store stocks a variety of snack foods, gifts and other items for the convenience of Residents and visitors.

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

closed for two 15 minute breaks
9:30 – 9:45 a.m.
2:30 – 2:45 p.m.

Family and friends can purchase meal tickets for $6.50, if they’d like to eat with their loved one or try our menu.

Resident’s safekeeping accounts and general information are located in this main floor reception area. Resident safekeeping accounts are not available on Saturdays. 

You  can book rooms and lounge areas here for private events.

The General Store and Reception areas are both closed on statutory holidays.


Friends and family of all ages are very welcome to visit between 07:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. The doors to Cassellholme will be locked outside of these hours.

If Residents would like to have some private time and space with their visitors, arrangements can be made by contacting the Unit Support Assistant. “Do Not Disturb” signs are also available from nursing staff.

Several rooms are available for private family functions, free of charge. Contact the General Store to reserve a room.



Free visitor parking is available in the side parking lot adjacent to Cassells Street. Parking is not permitted in designated fire routes or in the main circle at the front entrance.

A handicap/disabled sticker is required to park in the designated handicap spaces to the side of the front entrance.


Pets and Therapy Dogs

Pets and therapy dogs are welcome to if they are on a leash, in good health and monitored at all times. Pets are not permitted in the dining rooms at any time. Please ensure pets have received all required vaccinations.

Regular church services for all denominations are held weekly in the Chapel Auditorium as well as on major religious holidays.

Mass is offered every Saturday at 10:00 a.m. with worship services on Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

Volunteers provide Bible Study, Hymn Sing and Rosary on a weekly basis. Pastoral visits are available during times of illness, grief or palliative care.

Cassellholme supports each Resident’s right to celebrate his or her faith and will attempt to meet the spiritual needs of Residents, families and staff within their religious affiliation. Alternative arrangements may be made for Residents to attend the church of their choice.


Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life Services are held regularly to remember those who have passed away. Cassellholme recognizes the importance of acknowledging the loss of a loved one. This time together gives families an opportunity to visit with Residents, staff and volunteers, possibly for the first time since the death.

The Celebration of Life Service consists of music, readings, memory candles and a reflection focusing on our shared loss. To help facilitate this service, the Pastoral Care Coordinator will contact families for pictures and/or stories about the Resident. Family, friends, staff and volunteers are encouraged to attend.

Whether you’re celebrating a family birthday, special occasion or meeting with your lawyer, rooms and Lounges can be booked for private use in the General Store or at the Main Reception Desk. 

In lieu of a room booking charge, a donation to Cassellholme’s Charitable foundation is greatly appreciated.

Our volunteers’ contribution in enriching the lives of Residents at Cassellholme cannot be overemphasized. Volunteers are here to enhance the quality of life and to support services to the Residents. Besides giving individual attention to Residents, volunteers help create a pleasant atmosphere and assist Residents to and from activities. Families and friends are welcomed and encouraged to become a registered volunteer.

For more information.

There are outdoor spaces available for Residents to enjoy 24 hours a day.

Memorial Garden - Access is beside the Cassell's Dining Room. This garden is also the designated Resident smoking area.

Oval Garden - Access is from the Main Hall, beside the Garden Room.

Adult Day Program Garden is used by the Adult Day Program clients.

There is also balconies on the second floor (Cherry Lane) and third floors. These are often closed in the winter due to icy conditions.

While the Resident is off Cassellholme premises, the Home is not responsible for the Resident’s welfare.

All Residents have the option to be registered with Para-Bus services.


The medical community requires that a Resident be accompanied by a clinically skilled person that is able to provide hands on care and stay for the duration of the appointment or treatment.

If family is unable to provide for the Resident’s care needs, arrangements for an external escort can be made through the Unit Support Assistant on the applicable unit. A community service provider will escort the Resident at the established rate with charges being the Resident’s responsibility according to the Cassellholme Companion Policy.

Call 705-495-3453 or 705-474-4250 ext. 269 to schedule an appointment.
More information

Cassellholme's quarterly newsletter is a fun and important read. Residents and their loved ones can learn about everything from tasty new menu items, to changes in fire safety regulations. Watch for it in February, May, August and November with the Resident monthly billing. Or pick one up from the General Store or information rack in the Administration Hall.

The mail is delivered to the General Store/Reception and given to the Residents daily. Stamps are available for purchase at the General Store/Reception during normal business hours. Canada Post boxes are available outside the front entrance.

The local newspaper is available for purchase from the General Store/Reception, Monday-Friday. Arrangements may also be made to have specific newspapers delivered, at the Resident/family’s expense.

As part of our many entertaining events, Cassellholme is a licensed establishment.

When attending these social events, where alcohol is served, Residents and visitors may purchase and consume alcohol with a two drink per person limit.

Residents may have a small amount of alcoholic beverages in their room for personal use. Excessive alcohol use that puts the individual or other Residents at risk, may result in the Resident being asked to make alternate living arrangements.

Staff are not allowed to purchase or provide alcohol to Residents.

Under the SMOKE FREE ONTARIO ACT, Ontario Regulation – 48/06, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building or within nine (9) meters of any entrance to the building. The only designated smoking area, for the Residents, is the outside patio area in the Memorial Garden. Smoking aprons and fire safety equipment are available in the smoking area. Each Resident is cautioned to store their smoking equipment safely.

The Tobacco Contro1 Act prohibits individuals from smoking nine (9) meters from any entrance to the building. Residents who smoke in non-designated areas or otherwise smoke unsafely will receive a letter addressing the violation and the consequences of continuing unsafe smoking practices. Smoking privileges will be restricted. Smoking materials will be confiscated and kept at the nursing station.

For Residents who are unable to access the designated smoking area safely, Cassellholme will initiate measures to assist the Resident in a smoking cessation program.


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