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2017/18 Residents' Handbook

Everything you need to know about living at Cassellholme.

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Follow the Golden [government] Rule

We know it's frustrating to keep your distance and to speak from behind a mask. We’re all dealing with the same rules – here at Cassellholme and in our own families.

The provincial government is clear – failure to wear a face mask [NO EATING or DRINKING], or keep physical distance, can result in a loss of visiting privileges and your loved one may have to isolate for two weeks. None of us want that to happen.

Please download the new guidelines and/or this simplified visiting chart. Review them carefully before scheduling your next visit.

All essential caregivers to Cassellholme will be required to show proof of their negative COVID-19 test results. This also includes essential caregivers who were tested at Cassellholme.
Weekly COVID-19 testing takes effect December 29th for all essential caregivers and staff.

Due to the impending provincial lockdown visiting has changed. Details here.

CALL 705-474-4250 EXT. 300

  • indoor visits [one visitor at a time]
  • outings
  • COVID test appointments [bi-weekly]
  • virtual visits for out-of-town family and friends

Call at least 24 hours in advance. Leave a message.

If you are calling Cassellholme to check on a loved one’s health, use extension 300.

This extension is answered 7 days a week, between 9:00 a.m. and  5:00 p.m.

As you can imagine, we’re getting a lot of extra calls these days. Please be patient, we’re trying to return voicemail messages within 24 hours. This line is also used for general enquires.

We know that being in touch with your loved one during this challenging time is important.

Current Provincial Rules

  • face masks [covering nose and mouth] must be on at all times
  • no eating or drinking – mask has to be on at all times
  • stay 6 feet [2m] apart – NO physical contact with Residents
  • arrive at your appointment time – not early, not late
  • visitors must stay in Resident's room for their 30 minute visit
  • visitors can bring food or packages to loved ones
  • a negative COVID-19 test is required within past two weeks — note: we offer free testing to families every other Thursday. Call for an appointment – next clinic is December 3rd.


Cassellholme’s management team meets daily to discuss, review and implement directives from the Ministry of Health, including the use of masks and other PPE for employees. This includes both the types of mask and the location where it should be worn. The team is ready to make any changes as soon as they are required.



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