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2017/18 Residents' Handbook

Everything you need to know about living at Cassellholme.

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Helping Hands – ability to chart

Helping Hands staff typically do not chart in POC (point of care). PSWs complete the POC charting. The exception would be if you are doing a 1:1 on a resident with behaviours, you would document their behaviours in the DOS charting. Helping hands may be required to document a progress note in PCC (Point Click Care) related to an incident that may have occurred (i.e., behaviours, falls).

Why aren’t Helping Hands staff assigned to one specific work area?

Helping hands are usually assigned to one unit for their shift depending on where shortages are for that day. In the event that we have a confirmed COVID case (we currently do not have any) then we will be trying to restrict staff to work one area.

Should CSS reduce services to essential clients only?

At this point there has been no direction from the NELHIN or the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to put services on hold. A large number of Home Help Homemaking clients have chosen to put their services on hold for the duration of the pandemic. Due to the constant fluctuation in CSS, we are assessing our ability to complete these visits on a daily basis.

It’s important to remember that these clients also depend on our services as many have no other supports in place. These services can be just as important as personal care in some instances. We continue to monitor our staffing situation daily and we will continue to prioritize the visits.

We are in the process of trialing bulk shopping trips to help lessen the staff’s exposure to others in the grocery store. All staff have been given direction on the screening process that must take place prior to entering any client’s home. In addition, CSS staff are being screened at least twice daily. This has been put in place to help mitigate the risk to both staff and clients we support.

With the government's statement today that they now acknowledge the transmission can be pre symptomatic and asymptomatic, should we be wearing masks to help prevent transmission to our home care clients

Cassellholme’s management team meets daily to discuss, review and implement directives from the Ministry of Health, including the use of masks and other PPE by employees. This includes both the type of mask and the location where it should be worn. The team is ready to make any changes as soon as they are required.

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