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COVID-19 outbreak – Third Floor [Willow Street]


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Residents' Handbook

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Today, a COVID-19 outbreak was declared on the 3rd Floor [Willow Street]. 

Visiting a Resident with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 diagnosis:
General visitors are not permitted on the third floor unless visiting someone who is at end of life care or deemed palliative. If you're an Essential Caregiver [ECG], support worker or individual visiting a Resident with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 diagnosis, N-95 masks, gowns and eye protection are required. If possible, consider postponing your visit to these areas for the duration of the outbreak. 

Visiting the third floor:
If you're visiting elsewhere on the third floor, N-95 masks are required. 

General visitor:
Masking is strongly recommended throughout Cassellholme. Hand sanitizing remains a vital defence against most illnesses. Please be diligent about keeping your hands clean. If you're unwell, do not visit.


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