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Giving Tuesday is a global happening. People donate time, money and skills to help their families, community and the world. Small acts of kindness make a big difference. If you're able, there are lots of ways to give directly to the folks who call Cassellholme Home.

To donate money:
You can donate in person at the General Store. Online, we’ve partnered with CANADAHELPS. There, you can give a one-time or monthly donation directly to Cassellholme.

To donate Christmas gifts:
Each ornament on the GIVING TREE represents a specific Resident’s need. We provide a gift for every Resident to unwrap on Christmas morning. If you'd like to participate, call Mandy at 705-474-4250 ext. 223 or email Plan to have your gift to us before December 20th. We’ll wrap it and put it under the tree with the Resident’s name on it.

To donate your precious time:
If you’re able to VOLUNTEER at Cassellholme, there are many programs/ways to contribute. For more information, you can also contact me.

To donate with a plaque:
Our CELEBRATION WALL honours the milestones and lives of Residents and their loved ones, as well as Cassellholme employees and volunteers. To purchase one of the beautiful plaques, call Jillian at 705-474-4250 ext. 244.

You can download a more detailed Giving Tuesday document HERE. For more information, or to discuss opportunities to donate, contact me anytime 705-474-4250 ext.896.

We wish you a delightful Giving Tuesday. May you receive love and kindness on this special day of sharing.

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