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2017/18 Residents' Handbook

Everything you need to know about living at Cassellholme.

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Cassellholme, as per the by-laws, develops strategies and plans, to make improvements, set goals and implement change.

The Board of Management, staff and stakeholders engage in the planning process using key Provincial and Regional documents to form the foundation of the Strategic Plan.

Board meetings are held on the last Thursday of Month.

Chris Mayne, Board Chair

Mark King, Vice Chair

Terry Kelly, Director

Tanya Vrebosch, Director

Dean Backer, Director

Tamela Price-Fry, Director

Sherry Culling, Director

Board Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting - Cassellholme

Annual General Meeting - Castle Arms

Cassellholme Board Minutes

Castle Arms Board Minutes

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Getting in touch during COVID-19

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Tender soon to be issued on Cassellholme work

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Enteric Outbreak

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